Servicing & Repairs

More Sewing offers sewing machine servicing and repairs from our shop in Worthing. All servicing and repairs are carried out in-house by Mr. More Sewing, our resident sewing machine expert!

We will work on all brands of domestic sewing machines and overlockers, including Singer, Brother, Toyota, Husqvana, Pfaff, Janome, Elna, Bernina, Frister & Rossman, Jaguar and many more!  

We aim to service or repair your machine within a week of you dropping it off at the shop. If there is a need for more work on your machine you will be contacted directly by us first to agree this. Once the service/repair is complete we will contact you to arrange a pick up time. In the unlikely event your machine cannot be fixed – you will not be charged, our aim is to give you back a machine you will be happy to sew with.

  • The price for a sewing machine service is just £49.50 plus parts (if required)
  • The price for a sewing machine repair is just £39.50 plus parts (if required)
  • The price for an overlocker service is just £59.50 plus parts (if required)
  • The price for an overlocker repair is just £49.50 plus parts (if required)
  • The price for an overlocker setup (rethread. tension set, needle change (if necessary)) is just £18

We only have a couple of conditions:

  1. We ask for a £10, refundable, deposit when you drop your machine off. This deposit can be offset against your service/repair or refunded to you if your machine cannot be repaired.
  2. We reserve the right to dispose of your machine if you do not pick it up from us within two months of our contacting you at the end of the service/repair.

If you have any further questions or want to book your machine in – please Contact us


Some Hints To Help You Look After Your Sewing Machine Or Overlocker

If you have a problem, try the following before you bring your machine into us, it might save you some money! (These points are just as relevant for an overlocker as they are for a sewing machine.)

Change your needle – you should change your needle regularly, we suggest every 8 hours of sewing or every time you start a new sewing project. A bent or blunt needle can make a big difference to the tension and stitch quality on your machine.

Rethread your machine – sometimes your thread can just end up in the wrong place in the machine. Take your threads out of the machine completely (top and bottom) and rethread the machine from scratch. Make sure you are using a good quality thread – cheap or old threads can fray or snap easily.

When you re-thread a sewing machine, make sure the presser foot is up. This opens the tension discs and allows the thread to sit inside the tension discs. If the presser foot is down, the tension discs are closed and there is a good chance that the thread will sit outside the tension discs and your machine will not sew properly.

Use the right bobbin for your machine – you would be surprised how many different sizes of bobbin there are. For example, bobbins for many older Singer sewing machines are smaller than those used in many modern sewing machines. The wrong size bobbin can cause tension issues.

Make sure the bobbin is wound properly – you should be looking for an even wind with the thread tightly wound, loose thread on a bobbin will cause tension problems.