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Buy Sewing Machines & Overlockers In Worthing

More Sewing are your local sewing machine experts in Worthing, West Sussex! We are happy to sell and support domestic sewing machines and overlockers in Worthing and the surrounding areas (Brighton, Chichester, Lewes, Horsham and Crawley). We only sell machines in Sussex so we can continue to offer help and support to our customers.

Why you should think about buying your next sewing machine or overlocker from us:

Sewing Machine Experts – We have years of experience and knowledge of using sewing machines and overlockers. This means we can help you pick the right machine for what you want to sew.

In-house Sewing Machine Servicing & Repairs – We have the only in-house sewing machine service and repair service in West Sussex. When you bring your machine to us, you can talk to the person who is actually going to be working on your machine.

Ongoing Support – When you buy a machine from us, we will offer to take you though setting up the machine and using it’s main functions. Going forward, we are always happy to help and support you with your machine. Got a question? Just get in touch!

Sewing Machine Supplies – We stock a range of accessories for sewing machines and overlockers, as well as Gutermann and Moon threads as well as Schmetz sewing machine needles.Β 

Quality Sewing Machines – We are agents for Pfaff and Silver. Having seen hundreds of different types of machines from all the major sewing machine suppliers (either for servicing or in our sewing classes) we know that the machines we offer for sale are some of the best quality machines you can buy.

Pfaff have been making and selling sewing machines and overlockers for over 150 years. They have a reputation for being some of the best quality machines available.

Silver are a UK based sewing machine supplier. They offer a range of value for money machines with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Our current favourites from Silver include the Silver 303 sewing machine and the Silver 721d Overlocker.Β 

We have a number of machines from each company available in the shop for demonstrations. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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