Gutermann Maraflex Thread 150m, 48 Colours To Choose From

£3.40 per reel

Gutermann Maraflex is a flexible polyester thread, perfect for sewing with stretch and knitted jersey fabrics. Use a standard straight stitch for sewing jersey fabrics – no need to use a zig zag or even a triple stitch. A straight stitch will give you a much finer finish.

With a seam stretch of up to 80 %, Maraflex moves with the stretch of knitted woven fabrics. It can do this without compromising the quality of the seam.

Gutermann recommends that you sew with as little top thread tension as possible and use as this thread as both the needle and bobbin thread. Set your stitch to 4 stitch/cm (around stitch length number 3 on a modem sewing machine).

Available in a range of colours – just choose the colour and quantity you need.

  • 150m Reel
  • Up to 80% Seam Stretch
  • Recommended Needle: Jersey/Stretch 70/80