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Jersey Fabric

More Sewing has a range of jersey fabric for dress and garment making. These fabrics are knitted rather than woven and have a varying amount of stretch, mostly with the addition of Elastane/Lycra. They have a soft handle and are suitable for tops, dresses and skirts.

Jersey fabrics are actually easy to work with and can easily be worked for a professional finish. Many people buy overlockers to use but a great finish can be achieved with a domestic sewing machine as well.

There are one or two pieces of equipment that can help with sewing. This is not certain, however, and testing with a scrap of the fabric you are working with is always a good idea:

  • A walking foot – this attachment works with your feed dogs to even an even feed to the layers of fabric.
  • Jersey sewing needles – these needles have a ball-point to push the fibres of the jersey fabric apart and not pierce them (which would ladder the fabric).
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