Time to Know More About the Different Forms of Jersey Fabrics

Jersey fabric is a knitted fabric which is much different from a stable woven material. It is primarily made of knitting yarns in loops. This helps the fabric get its stretch and differentiates it from woven fabric which does not stretch. The fabric is known to be highly durable and stretchable.

The Use of Jersey Fabric:

Jersey fabric is primarily utilised to create pyjamas and other loungewear. It is also suitable for
making dresses. The clothes made from this fabric are highly comfortable and easy to wear. While buying jersey fabric online, you can find multiple options.

Three Common Types of Jersey Fabric:

In this blog, we talk about the primary types of jersey fabric you can readily find in the
market. Consider the following when choosing a jersey type that matches your
dressmaking needs.

● Cotton Jersey Fabric:

These fabrics are primarily made of cotton or cotton blend. They may contain a blend of polyester, which makes them more pliable. Cotton jersey is durable and breathable, which makes it an excellent choice for manufacturing children’s wear. You can indeed use this fabric for multiple uses. However, before buying, you must check the weight and type of the cotton jersey – the higher the weight, the thicker the jersey.

● French Terry Jersey:

It is a form of knitted jersey fabric which is highly flexible and warmer than normal cotton jersey. The French Terry is slightly heavier, knitted in loops with a soft yarn pile on the back. The looping feature makes the fabric much more water-resistant. For this reason, you can find this material utilised for manufacturing different sportswear.

● Single Jersey Fabric:

It is the lightest jersey fabric of all. You can make clothes from the fabric that can be worn in both summer and winter. It is very stretchable, and the edges may roll up when cut. Therefore, it offers inconsistent handling during sewing and cutting. Due to its lightweight and breathability, the single jersey fabric can be a perfect match for making children’s wear. You can make yoga pants and track pants out of them as well.
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