The Silver 721D Overlocker – A Review

The Silver 721D Overlocker – A Review

The Silver 721D Overlocker is a new overlocker launched in 2023. It is a replacement for the Silver 720D Overlocker – one of our faves and a great value machine. We did wonder if this new machine was simply a cosmetic upgrade of the 720D, not a problem – but is there more to the new 721D Overlicker? To find out, read on!

I want to start by saying that we are an agent for Silver Sewing Machines, but that this is not going to be a β€˜fluff piece’ I want to write an honest review of this machine.

The Silver 721D Overlocker
The Silver 721D Overlocker

1. Key FeaturesΒ 

  • 7 stitches with 4/3/2 thread capability. This means seam finishes, decorative flatlocks and a rolled edge stitch.Β 
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • LED light
  • Internal accessories box
  • Tension release when you lift the presser foot – this is a common feature on a sewing machine but unusual on an overlocker. What does this mean? Well it is easier to thread this machine correctly as the thread will easily fall into the tension discs when the presser foot is raised.Β Β 
  • Safety lockout prevents the machine from overlocking when the front cover is open. We think this is an essential feature but we are finding more and more overlockers don’t include this feature anymore

These are in addition to the standard features you would expect on an overlocker; differential feed, stitch width and length adjustment and the ability to disengage the knife.

2. Using the Silver 721D Overlocker

What is the Silver 721D Overlocker actually like to use? I find that it is a great machine to use.

The machine is easy to thread with colour guides to follow and a really easy to use guide for the tricky lower looper. You just pull the thread behind two holding β€˜prongs’ and pull up the attached lever to push the thread into the right place and the lower looper is threaded. Much easier than using a pair of tweezers to try and catch the far end of the lower looper.Β 

Threading up the Silver 721D Overlocker
Threading Up The Tricky Lower Looper Is Easy

What I have noticed is that this machine is smoother in use than the previous 720D overlocker (not that this was a noisy beast at all). It’s hard to put into words but the 721D just has a quality feel to it and given that this is one of the cheaper overlockers you can buy this really surprised me.Β 

This machine has 7 stitches – not that many but these are really the key stitches you will need. To be honest, out of the hundreds of overlockers that I have serviced, I have only ever found a very few people who actually use anything more than the main stitch that an overlocker is set up for when new.Β 

One thing I did really like is if you need to disengage the blade, then the blade stays below the needle plate. This makes it really easy to see what you are doing, on most overlockers if you disengage the blade then the blade sits above the plate and just gets in the way.Β 

Straight out of the box this machine produced a great 4 thread overlocking stitch, no need to make any adjustments.Β 

Stitch qualiity on the Silver 721D Overlocker
Stitch Quality Is Really Good

3. What do I think of the Silver 721D Overlocker?

I really like this machine. It is not just a cosmetic upgrade to the machine it replaces,Β  I think the mechanics of the overlocker have also been upgraded, I cannot confirm this but it just a smoother, more quality feel than before. On top of welcome changes such as led lighting and internal accessories box (no more hunting for the allen key when you are changing the needles!). The quality of the overlocking is great – just as good on more expensive machines.Β 

What can be an issue? In common with most other new overlockers, the Silver 721D does not have spools threaded up when you open the box. What you get is a test piece of fabric with long tails of thread running through all the thread guides. This means the first thing you have to learn is to thread your machine. The startup guide in the box is really helpful and it should not be a problem. Let’s be honest, this is something you are going to have to learn, and the more you do it the easier it will get. Some more experienced overlocker users might think 7 stitches is not that much but the key stitches are here and in reality these would be the ones you would be using all of the time anyway. Also we think this is one of the most stylish overlockers available but if pink is not your thing then you are a bit stuck!Β Β 

Styling on the Silver 721D Overlocker
We Really Like The Styling!

Overall, We think the Silver 721D Overlocker is a great overlocker if you are new to using an overlocker (or just want the key basic stitches). It has a great quality feel. produces great stitches and is easy to thread. What more could you want!

Live in Sussex? Buy the Silver 721D Overlocker.Β 


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