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More Sewing stock a range of quality sewing machine needles for all your sewing project needs. We recommend you change your needles every 8 hours of sewing or every time you start a new project.

You will see a series of numbers on a packet of sewing machine needles, although confusing at first, with a little explanation the numbers will make sense and will help you choose the right needle for your sewing project.

130/705H – this is the designation for household needles – all have a flattened shank for perfect positioning of the needle in the needle bar. This does not refer to the size.

Europe uses a numbering system for needle sizes (thickness):

60/8 for very fine fabrics

70/9 for fine fabrics

80/11 for medium weight fabrics

90/14 for medium to heavy weight fabrics

100/16 for heavy weight fabrics

You will also find needles for specific uses such as Jeans, Jersey, Top Stitch, Microtextiles (Sharps) and Twin Needles.