How to Buy the Right Dress Making Fabric Online

How to Buy the Right Dress Making Fabric Online


Dress making is a passion. Whether you are a professional and established fashion designer or a passionate amateur who loves to create trendy outfits for you or your loved ones – you needΒ  to buy the right kind of dress making fabric online to transform your imagination into reality.Β 

In this blog, we will try to share some tips on buying the right kind of fabric online for making different types of dresses.

What is Dress Making Fabric?

This is a woven or knitted cloth used to prepare various kinds of dresses and outfits made of artificial or natural fibres. Certain features are incorporated to make those fabrics useful for preparing different types of clothes.

Keep in mind to buy the right kind of fabric for a particular dress.

1. Why Are You Making Your Dress?

Why do you need the dress? Is it for regular use or a special event? This will determine the drape of the fabric, its stretch and its durability. The fabric you choose must fulfil all your requirements according to the occasion you are preparing it for.

2. What Season Will You Wear It?

The season plays a vital role in determining the type of fabric you should use to prepare certain dresses. If it is for winter, you should choose something that can keep you warm and cosy. Wool, silk or cashmere are the best fabrics to prepare winter outfits. On the other hand, cotton can be a good choice for summer clothes.

3. The Design of the Cloth​

It is important to pay attention to the design of the cloth. For a long dress with multiple flares, you should look for dress making fabric with a great drape. Silk and chiffon are good options for making dresses with long drapes and folds. For tighter fitting dresses, fabrics with elastane and stretch are a good choice.

4. Consider the Colour and Print

Fabrics with flower prints and colourful motifs are best for vibrant dresses. When you wish to prepare a dress with drapes and pockets, a solid colour fabric can give it a unique look.Β 

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