The Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker – A Review

The Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker – A Review

The Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker is a new overlocker that was launched in 2022. We think this is a great addition to the range of machines from Pfaff.It’s a great machine to have in your drsssmaking ‘bag of tools’.

I want to start by saying that we are an agent for Pfaff Sewing Machines, but that this is not going to be a โ€˜fluff pieceโ€™ I want to write an honest review of this machine.

Pfaff Admire 1000 Overocker at More Sewing
The Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker – Very Stylish!

1. Key Featuresย 

  • The main feature that sets the Admire 1000 Overlocker apart from other overlockers in this price range is the ease of threading the loopers. The bottom the machine below the needle plate can be completely opened left and right. The left opens on a hinge to give access to the lower looper – on just about every other overlocker, this access is restricted. This makes this machine so easy to thread.ย 
  • 16 stitches with 4/3/2 thread capability. This means seam finishes, decorative seams and edges, rolled edges and more.
  • Built in adjustable seam guide to help you overlock perfectly straight seams and edges.
  • The ability to change fingers on the needle plate. What does this mean? Changing the finger allows you to use the full range of stitches including a picot stitch.ย 
  • Thread cutter on the side of the machine – an unusual feature on an overlocker but a really nice touch and more useful that you might think at first.ย 
  • Safety lockout prevents the machine from sewing when the right front cover is open. We think this is an essential feature but we are finding more and more overlockers donโ€™t include this feature anymore

On top of these more unusual features, the Admire 1000 overlocker also has the key features you would expect to find on an overlocker, differential feed, stitch width and length adjustment, adjustable foot pressure and the ability to disengage the knife.

The open front of the Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
The Open Front Of The Admire 1000 – Full Access To The Lower Looper

2. Using the Admire 1000 Overlocker

What is the Admire 1000 Overlocker actually like to use? We find that it is a really good machine to use for everyday sewing and dressmaking.

We have already mentioned that this machine is really easy to thread – useful when you want to change thread colour (or when you break a thread). The machine has solid feel when overlocking. Some other overlockers have, for want of a better term, a cheap feel when overlocking. These machines can be loud and vibrate when used. This is not the case with the Admire 1000.

We did think the fabric guide was a bit silly as, when you overlock, you are looking at the blade and the fabric moves through the machine. However we did find ourselves using the guide, particularly when the blade is disengaged.ย 

On top of the standard stitches everyone uses on an overlocker, we really like the extra stitches, including the flatlocking and the ability to use a corded overlock. This is an unusual feature that gives your the ability to add extra strength to shoulder and neck seams. The presser foot has a hole to allow an extra cord into the stitch. These are really nice extras and we have not found these on other overlockers at this price.ย 

Fabric guide on the Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
The Hole In the Foot For The Corded Overlock Stitch And The Fabric Guide

It is worth saying that this machine is a little bit heavier that most overlockers around this price point. This is because the left hinged panel is made of metal. This little bit of weight is actually a good thing – it makes the machine more stable when you are overlocking at full speed!

3. What do we think of the Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker?

Well, if you have not guessed already, we do really like the Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker. If nothing else, this is the easiest overlocker to thread that we have come across. On top of that, the stitch quality is great and it has a number of great extra stitch options. This is a machine which will grow with you as your skills develop.

What can be an issue? Thereโ€™s not a lot really. There is a lot you can adjust, which is great as it gives you more options, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you are new to overlocking. In saying that, it does do the basics really well, so you can start with these and spend time learning how to apply all the extra features.ย 

Overall, I think the Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker is a great overlocker for someone who is getting serious about sewing, it produces great stitches and is easy to thread and use. What more could you want?ย 



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