Keeping You Cool: Best Dress Fabrics To Beat The Heat This Summer

The summer weather really needs breathable fabrics that make you feel comfortable. Warmer weather brings several changes in our lifestyle and wardrobes as well. It is sometimes crucial to choose the right fabric as it gets warmer. There are various stores online and offline where you can get great summerย  dress fabrics in the UK. Hereโ€™s a list of fabrics you can buy for summer dressmaking projects.


List of Breathable Summer Fabrics


  1. Cotton : Whenever we think of the most comfortable summer fabrics, the first fabric type that comes to mind is cotton. Itโ€™s an old favourite and an obvious choice for any fabric lover. It is easily available and natural. Good cotton provides enough flexibility to fit in any designs you have thought of while still being light and airy to keep you cool.


  1. Linen : The second best fabric for summer is Linen. Itโ€™s also comfortable because of its light nature. It is amazing for the days when the sun is roasting you. Similar to cotton, itโ€™s also breathable and will keep you feeling refreshed. This fabric is extremely versatile, and donโ€™t worry about the creases on it as it is also one of the features of linen, and you can style it gracefully.


  1. Rayon : It is designed to be as light and comfortable as possible. This fabric is a great option for your summer clothing. You can rely on it whether you want to make shirts or dresses. Rayon is mixed with other fibres like nylon or polyester to ensure those fabrics have a lighter touch, making it ideal for summer clothing.


  1. Chiffon : No fabric can be better than sheer ones for the summer. You can use Chiffon in several different ways to offer elegance while still making sure that the heat does not overwhelm the wearer. The fabric is perfect for dresses, especially for bridal wear. You can also make it for nightgowns and other loungewear.


  1. Jersey : This fabric is typically mixed with cotton to make a rugged but lightweight material. Jersey is a great choice for summer clothing and is versatile. You can use it for most designs. It is most commonly used for summer loungewear.


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