A Review Of The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine

The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine

The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine is the entry computerised Sewing Machine in the Silver range. This does not mean there is an issue with the quality of the machine or the stitches it produces. It’s quite the opposite in fact. 80 stitches (including 5 one step buttonholes), a tie off function, start/stop button and overall speed control and a hard case! Amazing value for money.

I want to start by saying that we are an agent for Silver Sewing Machines, but that this is not going to be a ‘fluff piece’ I want to write an honest review of these two machines.

1. Key Features Of The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine

Not everyone will have heard of Silver Sewing Machines. We do this this is a real shame. The company has been going for over 30 years now and, in our opinion, produces a range of really good value for money sewing machines and overlockers. The Silver 1040 sewing machine is Silver’s entry level computerised sewing machine but has a large range of features for not a lot money! At the time of writing this review, I cannot find a computerised sewing machine for the same cost. The closest in cost computerised sewing machines I can find do not have the same range of stitches and features (I stand to be corrected if someone wants to contact me!).

Why bother with a computerised sewing machine? Well simply put, a computerised sewing machine will give you a greater range of utility and decorative sewing stitches. It is also easier to replicate a stitch of a particular size and width. I believe I am also right in saying that computerised machines have a start/stop facility and a stitch tie-off facility (more later). You get more control and more options with a computerised machine.

silver 1040 sewing machine | More Sewing
Si;lver 1040 Sewing Machine

What does this mean in practice? The Silver 1040 has 80 stitches – a combination of utility stitches and decorative stitches. The utility stitches include a simulated overlock stitch and a range of one step buttonholes. With one step buttonholes, you use a special presser foot that measures the size of the button you are going to use and stitches the whole buttonhole in one go! A definite step up from the four step buttonhole function you see on other machines at this price point. The decorative stitches are great for – decoration! We particularly like stitch 79 – a dolphin! Stitches are easy to select with the most common stitches available by their own button!

menu buttons 1040 sewing machine | More Sewing
Selection Buttons On The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine

The main features of the 1040 machine are:

  • 80 Stitch Patterns
  • 1 Step Buttonhole
  • Auto Threader
  • LED Light
  • Snap on presser feet
  • Convertible free Arm
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Max stitch length – 4.7mm
  • Max stitch width – 7mm
  • Top loading Bobbin case

It is worth saying that the 1040 is not heavy (6 kgs or so) and comes with a hard case. Heavy enough to give you the weight you need to work with thicker fabrics but light enough to move around easily and take to sewing classes!

Want to buy more presser feet? It’s easy with this machine as it takes standard, generic, feet – not like Bernina, Janome or Pfaff where you have to buy specific feet (which will cost more!).

Hard Case For The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine | More Sewing
The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine Comes With A Hard Case

4. What do we think of the Silver 1040 Sewing Machine?

Overall, we really love this sewing machine. Okay, you can get sewing machines with more stitches and features, but for the money we think this machine is just about the best. You will get the key features you need and will be using every time you use your sewing machine:

Needle threader – a tiny hook that goes through the eye of the needle and pulls the top thread through – threading the needle straight away. Believe me. once you get the hang of this you will never want to use a machine that does not have a threader.

Tie off function – instead of using reverse to catch your threads and the beginning and end of every line of stitching, using this function will give you a very small and neat tie-off. The needle stitches three times, more of less on the spot, catching the thread in a dot of sewing.

Needle up/down – hit this button and every time you stop sewing, the needle will stop in the fabric. Great for letting you check you sewing without losing your place, or for when you want to turn your fabric (sleeves etc.).

Start/stop button – don’t want to use a foot pedal? Then don’t, just use the start/stop button and the speed control slider to sew.

A core selection of utility and decorative stitches including one step buttonholes. You can get machines with hundreds more stitches, which is great, but these are the core stitches you would be using most of the time even if you did have a machine with a higher specification.

Stitch selection for the Silver 1040 Sewing Machine | More Sewing
Stitch Selection For The Silver 1040 Sewing Machine

What can be an issue? Well it would have been nice to have an alphabet but then I suppose the machine would cost more! Also as a top loading machine the bobbin case can jump out of alignment, but this is easily fixed when you know what to do (this is an issue common to all top loading machines by the way). Apart from these little niggles, I cannot really see anything else.

Overall, I think the Silver 1040 Sewing Machine is great for the improving sewist. A step above a starter machine, this machine is good enough for years of crafting and dressmaking.

Enjoy More Sewing!

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