What is Tencel Fabric? The 5 Things You Need To Know

1. What is Tencel Fabric?

Tencel is a brand name from a company called Lenzing. It is a man-made fabric from the wood and cellulose of sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees.

Tencel Fabric developed by Lenzing

2. Tencel Fabric Is Eco-Friendly

Eucalyptus trees grow quickly, using far less water than cotton. The trees can be grown on land unsuitable for crops. The amazing thing about Tencel is that the chemicals used to process and produce the fabric are almost 100% recyclable – so there is very little waste.

Also Tencel is biodegradable which is good. However depending on the finish there may be chemicals in the dyes and finishes which is not so good. 

3. Is Tencel Fabric Natural?

Well yes and no. The fabric is made from wood fibres so yes there. However the fibres are processed so technically Tencel is a man-made fabric. 

4. Tencel Fabric Is A Great Fabric For Dressmaking

Tencel is a super soft fabric with a great drape. It does not wrinkle easily and is a breathable fabric. Tencel tends to be added to other fibres (e.g. elastane for stretch jersey fabrics) to give a really soft finish.  

5. Tencel Fabric Is Easy To Sew

As Tencel tends to be added to other fibres it really depends on the property of the finished fabric. When Tencel is used in a jersey fabric it behaves in a similar way to a viscose jersey. Using a stretch fabric needle will work most of the time but if the fabric is very stretchy (with a high stretch fibre content) you may need to use a jersey needle. It is always best to test on a sample of the fabric first. 

If the Tencel is added to denim or chambray then you may need to use a denim needle (depending on the weight of the fabric). Most times a standard needle (size 70 or 80) will be fine. As above, if you are not sure it is best to test your stitch on a sample. 

You should not have to adjust your thread tension when sewing with Tencel. 

6. Anything Else To Add?

We just want to finish by saying that we love the feel of Tencel when we get them in the shop and can see they are becoming more popular with our customers and also with our suppliers.

Happy Sewing!

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