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Vlieseline and Vilene Interfacings

Vlieseline (previously known as Vilene) are the suppliers of the best quality interfacing, interlining, stabilisers and fusibles. As a result you can use this interfacing in dressmaking, and tailoring. It is also great for crafting, adding volume and stiffness to bags, mats and other projects where ‘substance’ is needed. Whatever the fabric you are using, you can find the interfacing for your project.. Vilene produce a range of different interfacing weights from lightweight for delicate sewing projects to heavy interfacings for pelmets and craft projects.

Vlieseline has become the essential interlining for seams, edges, jackets, blouses, or shirts. Choose from a selection of fusible or woven interlinings and tapes for your project.

We have also trialled and sell a small number of non-Vlieseline interfacings that offer excellent quality at a bargain price.

We sell all our interfacing in half metre increments. Tapes are sold in 5m lengths.

Want to understand more about which Vilene to use? Read our blog post on using the right interfacing here.

Interfacing FAQs

What is Vilene - Vilene is a non-woven fabric (also know as interfacing) which is used as an added layer in a garment or sewing project to provide shape and substance. A non-woven fabric means it is not woven or knitted, but instead created with a web of fibres.
What Is Interfacing - Interfacing is a textile used on the wrong side of fabrics to make an area of a garment stiffer or to give it body. Fusible interfacing has heat activated glue (using an iron). For fabrics that don't like heat you should use a non-fusible interfacing that's sewn into place instead.
Which Side Of The Interfacing is Fusible - Feel the interfacing, one side with feel rough (bubbles of glue) or shiny (a layer of glue). This side is the side that should be face down on to the fabric.
Can You Sew Through Fusible Interfacing - Once the interfacing is fused to the face fabric you can certainly sew with it - it will not harm your sewing machine. Just be aware that if the interfacing is a heavyweight one you may need to use a thicker needle.
The Vlieseline Website also has some great information about fusible interfacing.